Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Club

Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Club


The Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Club is a non-profit organization (501c3).  Since 1984, Tumbleweeds has supported the efforts of Albuquerque Gymnastics School, its gymnasts and the community. Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Club continues to coordinate activities, build positive friendships and foster the growth of national or international amateur gymnasts. It is an honor and a great accomplishment to be a competitive gymnast, we are thrilled to have your family as part of Tumbleweeds! 

Team Parents
Jeanine Gallegos – Levels 2 & 3                                                     Michele Clark – Levels 6-10
Stephanie Blum – Levels 4 & 5                                                     Jodi Hebert – Xcel

Please direct all questions to your Team Level parent.  If that person is unable to answer your question, please ask a Board Member.  ~Thank You! 



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